Alteus Board of Directors

The Senior Management at Alteus is a robust body that is at the helm of managing and strategizing every function related to the overall functioning of the Company as an Organization. It is the duty of the Board of Directors (BOD) to work as an apex unit, to successfully integrate the diverse aspects of corporate governance, take decisions in the best interest of Alteus and steer it ahead in the anticipated trajectory of growth and even further beyond.

Any commitment that Alteus Biogenics Pvt. Ltd. makes as an Organization is respected and upheld by every member of the team across levels of operation. The Company believes in participative management and facilitates a proactive and open exchange of ideas in every issue that is discussed, be it future strategies in terms of marketing and distribution, finance & investment or corporate and individual goal-setting. Committees appointed by the Board concentrate on precise areas of business, assess and take decisions within their scope of authority and make specific recommendations to the Board on matters in the respective areas of appraisal.

It may be said beyond doubt that the Board is an eclectic blend of experienced veterans and relatively young entrepreneurs who have made a mark in their respective fields. Members on the Alteus BOD have consistently risen above the ranks and been recognized as experts in diverse functions associated with the happening field of Pharmaceuticals. Individually and collaboratively, Directors at Alteus represent excellence in many ways – from thoroughbred knowledge in breakthrough directions in scientific research, to awareness of evolving solutions in healthcare, to hands-down expertise in brand-management, sales & marketing or logistics & distribution.