My Alteus My Aspirations

Debasish Mitra (Director)

Debasish Mitra

Debasish Mitra

A successful voyage always requires the merits of insight, preparation and strategic planning. Along with these, the strength of trust are at the heart of our operations. Our inspirations come from the enthusiasm, trust and the effort to deliver our best. Building organisational trust along with sense of responsibility and sustainable management is the most indispensable part of our culture. We are committed to the cause of excellence in healthcare and strive to develop and deliver the best products and services for the well-being of every individual.


Md. Shamim Ahmed (Assistant General Manager)

Shamim Ahmed

Shamim Ahmed

I want to see Alteus as the most preferred Company by all the doctors in market. Doctors should give example of Alteus to other companies. Alteus will be the leader in all major brands in market. I would like to contribute with maximum sales among any zone in the organization.



Susmik Chakraborty (Zonal Sales Manager)

Susmik Chakraborty

S. Chakraborty

Yeah! It is my Alteus and just few years are pending to achieve our aspiration of 100 crores. I aspire to see myself as an achiever and as a successful leader.




Rajesh Saha (Zonal Sales Manager)

Rajesh Saha

Rajesh Saha

For me, Alteus is my passion. Alteus has given me identity. It has given me an opportunity to meet my family needs when everybody closed the door. It has boosted my confidence. Sometimes I feel Alteus runs in my blood. I pray to God that in future Alteus will grow and keep growing like it always has.



Subhra Paul (Regional Sales Managers)

Subhra Paul

Subhra Paul

Yes, it is my Alteus because now I am one of the members of 1 crore Alteus family. I wish to work in Alteus in the days to come. My aim is that I want to see myself as a successive person in Alteus how long I am working.




Dipak Kumar Jena (Regional Sales Managers)

Dipak Kumar Jena

Dipak Kr. Jena

For me my Alteus & my family are two side of one coin. Because my parents gave birth and education, whereas Alteus gave me, my identify & prosperity. So, both are like my two hands I am incomplete if one is missing.




Chinmoy Sen (Regional Sales Manager)

Chinmoy Sen

Chinmoy Sen

When I joined Alteus in April 2012, I was not aware what the future held for me. I joined because I was in need of a job. Today standing in April 2015, Alteus is no longer a company for me, rather it more like a family and has become a part of my life. The way I love my mother, I love my Alteus.



Anshuman Samadder (Regional Sales Manager)

Anshuman Samadder

A. Samadder

Alteus is a house of high altitude towards success with high implementation and a house of recognition. Today I am very happy person that Alteus gives me a platform to perform, to establish a team of Achiever’s. And more importantly Alteus gives me recognition for my good work, As per my knowledge within a span of only 8 months no other Pharma company gives promotion, where it is only available at Alteus. If anyone want to grow in pharma industry, Alteus is a house to build his/her career.



Prabhudan Biswas (Area Business Manager)

Prabhudan Biswas

P. Biswas

To me my Alteus is that place and that organization who gave me the opportunity to prove myself at the most critical juncture of my life. Alteus has given me the respect, position & financial stability in my social surrounding. I have just completed a year as an Area Business Manager and I feel that I have to learn & improve to reach my dream position, but I am sure that I will achieve my dream.


Kakali Roy (Brand Development Manager)

Kakali Roy

Kakali Roy

Alteus is not just a company for me where I am working. I want it to flourish. I hope that Alteus will be one of the top most companies in the coming years.




Prasenjit Karmakar (Brand Development Manager)

Prasenjit Karmakar

P. Karmakar

I have spent a very special time in this company. My personal life has changed after joining Alteus.  Every month Alteus is growing more. The future aim is to become the number one pharmaceutical company and me be a part of the same.